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Our Volunteer Program

Our volunteers are a vital part of our caring team. By nature, they are good listeners who are dependable and have a strong desire to reach out with love and concern for others. We train volunteers to use their unique talents and traits to provide presence, companionship and support in a variety of roles.

Companion Volunteers are friendly visitors who provide social interaction and emotional support to our patients in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities or private homes. Volunteers read or play music for patients, listen with an open heart, sit with patients during a facility event, take them outside or simply hold their hand.

Vet-to-Vet Volunteers are active military personnel or veterans who have a unique ability to relate and connect with our veteran patients, providing valuable companionship and support. These volunteers participate in our annual Veteran Recognition Ceremonies to ensure that our veteran patients know they are heroes to us. Pathways participates in the "We Honor Veterans" program, which focuses on educating our staff and volunteers to understand and provide for the unique needs of veterans.

Mother and Daughter

Pathways Comfort Singers visit patients at the bedside as a group, to sing simple, heartfelt songs that touch the mind, body and soul. They offer peace to patients and families through soft and comforting vocal selections sung without accompaniment. The Pathways Comfort Singers group is the first local chapter of Threshold Choir, a national non-profit organization dedicated to providing a loving presence to those at the threshold of life.

Couple with Dog

Pet Therapy can help reduce anxiety and loneliness, increase feelings of relaxation, and improve a patient's overall well-being. Our specially trained and certified support dogs and their owners visit for that special connection between dogs and humans, providing unconditional love and creating moments of joy. Pet Therapy is available in a limited geographical area.

Vigil Volunteers can be called upon to provide a quiet, compassionate presence at the bedside and peace of mind for family and friends when circumstances prevent them from being present near the end of their loved one's journey.

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