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Caring for Our Jewish Community

Caring For Our Jewish Community

During times of need, keeping tradition provides comfort and familiarity to patients and their families. Pathways provides care to patients of any faith, respecting the sanctity of life and honoring the mandate to cherish life and live every day to the fullest. We also recognize the unique cultural needs to Jewish patients by providing a speciality program within our hospice agency.

Pathways' Jewish hospice program includes an interdisciplinary team of end-of-life professionals who have been trained in the religious traditions, culture, and history of Judaism and the Jewish people. We are accredited by the National Institute for Jewish Hospice (NIJH), which provides staff education and training that incorporates Jewish culture, values and traditions. Pathways earned its initial accreditation in 2006; we have been reaccredited every year since and are proud of our 15-year affiliation with NIJH.

While all Pathways hospice staff have been trained and are familiar with the needs of our Jewish patients, we also have two rabbis on staff who serve as chaplains to provide visits and consultations. If requested, our chaplains can callaborate with the patient's rabbi to coordinate spiritual care. This may include offering Jewish prayers, facilitating observance of religious holidays and traditions, and assessing the important traditions within each family system, to determine their individual needs.

* NIJH was established in 1985 to help alleviate the suffering of seriously and terminally ill Jewish patients. Its 52,000 members are comprised of business and professional leaders and a consortium of endowing foundations. It provides education about the issues and challenges of serving terminally ill Jewish patients to staff of hospices, hospitals, family services, and medical organizations and healthcare agencies. Please click here to learn more about the National Institute for Jewish Hospice.

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