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Pathways Comfort Singers

Pathways Comfort Singers

During the last days of life, our hospice patients often request the gentle voices and calm presence of our Comfort Singers - a group of volunteers who sing beautiful melodies "a cappella" at the bedside, to soothe and support all those present.

The Pathways Comfort Singers belong to a national non-profit organization that reaches across North America and beyond (Australia, UK and North Pacific). The Threshold Choir is dedicated to building community among its members and singing for and with those at the threshold of life. Pathways Hospice is proud to be the first chapter of the Threshold Choir movement in Missouri. More information on this national organization can be found at

When invited to the bedside, our singers visit in groups of two to four. Using soft, lullaby voices, they sing without accompaniment in unison or sometimes in harmony, whichever provides more comfort. The songs are simple, offered with heartfelt kindness and compassion. A session usually lasts about 20 minutes, but can be adjusted in length based on the needs of the patient and family. Songs are offered as gentle blessings versus entertainment - we feel honored when a patient falls asleep as the group sings. Most selections are short and unfamiliar, as repetition is conducive to rest and comfort.

Pathways Hospice Comfort Singers
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      That is the closest you are going to get to a sound from heaven on this side.


- Steve K., patient
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